WASD or ARROW KEYS to move
SPACE to jump
ESC to pause or skip

LEFT STICK or D-PAD to move
A to jump
START to pause or skip

You are an animated skeleton looking to free spirits by haunting pumpkins hiding between regular pumpkins. You can either jump over the pumpkins to progress faster or stand next to them to light them up, but then, you will need to blow them up to get through.

Finishing fast gives you high score and destroying pumpkins gives you high score. One comes in expense of the other, what will you choose?

Game Design - Galit (Shoze) Weisberg, Moisés Peláez
Concept Art & UI Design - Galit (Shoze) Weisberg
3D Modeling & Programming - Moisés Peláez

Menu Theme by Theodore Kerr | CC BY 4.0
Gameplay Theme by Theodore Kerr | CC BY 4.0
Victory Jingle by SketchyLogic | CC0
Victory Loop by Theodore Kerr | CC0
Game Over Theme by Theodore Kerr | CC BY 4.0
Credits Theme by Oddroom | CC0


Pumpkin Hunter 31 MB
Pumpkin Hunter 32 MB
Pumpkin Hunter 45 MB


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Made a video




Hey, this game uses one of my sounds from hehe (pumpkin activate)
Nice game and great visuals


Arts real great. Music is good. Game is fun. The puzzles can get a bit tough later on but still fun. Very charming.


I enjoy the concept, art and sound, my only suggestion is that you make the first levels less "blocked" so that people can get a hang of the gameplay before playing levels that can not be passed if you don't jump the barrier before lighting it on fire.


I really like the art style and the music.